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Best product

I have been using these for two weeks. I lost 7 pounds the first week alone! I have tried numerous products and I am shocked at how well these work.


Free Samples


Free Samples


I didn’t think it was going to work but it does. Completely suppressed my appetite and I lost 10 pounds my first week. Great prices too!


It does help suppress my appetite but doesn't give me energy


Free Samples


It actually kept me from midday snacking and helped me feel fuller faster and longer.

It works!

I've used a few brands and this one definitely works for me as far as decreasing my appetite however no energy boost.


90 Day Supply (Save 25%)

Best product

This product was great for energy and helping with cravings. I wear them everyday for a week so far, and have been pleased with the results.

Best ever!

I didn’t believe it was going to work because most don’t but it does! Curbs my appetite a whole lot! Great prices and they even give free samples!


Great product.


I’m about 20 days in, on my 30 days supply and I have already lost almost 10 pounds. I haven’t done anything to change my eating or exercise habits. I just slap on the patch and go. Working in healthcare you don’t always have time to eat a lunch and these patches curb your appetite all while you still feel energized through the day. The only down fall is that the first few days it feels like your arms have just received an immunization, they are sore and feel heavy, afterward no complaints at all.

Convenient but......

Pill form tends to give me the jitters and I have to remember to take them throughout the day. This patch is very convenient just wish it was a bit stronger. Great concept, keep working on the strength though!!!

FitMagic Review

Good product. It seemed to do the trick at eliminating my cravings, which is probably a huge factor in not losing the weight I desire. However, I went to work out and the sticker slipped across my arm because of sweat. That's the biggest flaw I saw.

Feel the difference

Stamina is back! No late night trips to the bathroom any more. Love it!


Finally got remainder of my order, but have not had time to see results. Thanks!!


These gave me so much energy and eliminated a lot of my cravings for unhealthy snacks. I'll definitely be reordering!


Free Samples

Great Stuff

Loved the product, will buy a small supply!

fit magic

The patch actually worked great.My appetite was down really well.And I wasn't hungry until 8pm that night.

Real cool guys

This stuff works you don't want to eat. Without any weird feelings from drugs.

Magic with a plus

I love the way the product works and it’s versatile i would recommend this to anyone that is trying to control eating habits


Free Samples

Awesome prdt

I'm enjoying it

Works well

I liked the sample pack! Wish the sample was like a week long (i would’ve payed for that) that way you could see how your body reacted to the patch. I did feel less hungry than usual.

On the right path

Starts working really well on second day I ordered my month supply


Love fitmagic, it works just like they say it does

awesome product

I could tell a major difference in my hunger and energy when using the patch. I plan to order some in the future!


I thought this was just another mediocre fitness promo but decided to try it anyway, and let me tell you; This stuff works! I was amazed at how much my appetite was curved. I am a 21 year old guy weighing in at 200 lbs. and all I would eat is a salad and I'd be good for the day. This works! Highly recommend

Love it

It does what I need it to. I barely have an appetite throughout he day so it helps me to not snack all day. I love that I’ve been losing weight constantly with this patch ! Definitely worth the money !

Good product

Fast shipping, was here before i knew it. The product seems very well made. I actually got a burst if energy that lasted all day. Hope to see weight loss soon with such a promising product.

Can really feel a difference

I've tried a lot of testosterone boosters and most don't do anything but this is made Tongkat Ali and I can actually feel a difference. It wasn't immediate but after 3-4 days taking it I could feel my labido increasing and I was a lot more pumped in the gym. Good stuff.

I like it

Sustained energy without the shakes.

Zero Appetite

I love not being hungry and still having the energy to get stuff done. Great product. Will purchase full month supply.

Works Good

It actually decreased my appetite and I ended up not eating until late at night.

Easier to use than normal pills

The 24-hour patch is definitely the way to go if you're like; a habitual procrastinator.


I was skeptical but it really worked.

Good product, seems to work well

Overall, I like it and I feel like I have gotten an energy boost from it. My appetite has been curbed a bit as well. I took myself off of coffee completely to test out the patch and it seems to work. My only complaint would be about the adhesiveness. It works well most of the day, but the minute I start sweating it starts losing its hold. Maybe there's a better place for me to put it (I've been going with the upper shoulder area).

Zero appetite and had energy

This patch is straight magic. I wasn't hungry and didn't lose energy. Recommended

This is the only one that works

I have ordered and tried at least 10 different products claiming to do what this product does, this is the only one that has worked and continues to work so far. Thank you

Drink enough water

Wow, this stuff is good. Nothing makes me go, but this stuff did. Just make sure you drink enough water, it will be much smoother.
I forgot to drink and it was like having a baby, a little bit :)

Great Balanced fiber

Too much fiber gives me constipation and bloating so as much as I need fiber, I regulate how much is in me by using this product. Great results. Recommended.

Eat Less
Wow product!

I really like this product! First time I tried it, but so easy to take and mix in with juices, etc. compared to several other fiber products I've tried!

I really like these

I really like these. They really did raise my PH level and have kept it there. They were not available for a while
but are not back in stock so I'm happy.

For your Health

I can't tell what these are doing, but the premise is something that appeals to me for health.
After much research I've found that our bodies need to be alkaline and this seems to be the best way to accomplish that without spending a fortune on organic vegetables etc.
I've had no adverse affects, so that's a win-win for me.

Worked for E.D.

After using this product for 1 week it completely got rid of any E.D. effects I was experiencing. Highly recommend.


Great product!

Burn Fat
I am a repeat customer

Take this on an empty stomach with water and it will work! So much energy without the crash. I have also tried the FitDetox and both are great! Best diet pill for appetite suppressant (with the bonus of extra energy) I've ever used!

Burn Fat
5 stars

It really works!! Lost 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks!!! Also used FitMagic patch at the same time.